Enjoy your green holidays

Day - 1:

Airport / Pinnawala elephant Ophanage / kandy

Upon arrival at the airport you will be met by our chauffer guide , after proceed to kandy , en route visit pinnawala elephant opanage ,


This was creation by the state to upkeep and maintain Opened elephants since 1975 commencing with 7 elephants and now this grows up to around 80 , and it is a fortune in seeing those elephants and the location.

After visit continue to kandy

Dinner and overnight stay at Kandy

Day - 2:

Gadaladeniya Temple / Lankatilaka Temple / Embekke devala / Botanical garden / Kandy

After breakfast (7.30 am ) proceed to sigiriya, and climb the famous lion rock fortress.


Gadaladeniya temple was constructed 1344 A.D. during Gampola kingdom by king Buwanekabahu iv in according to an inscription written here in this temple, main architects was ganeshvarachari who was south Indian guy. as a result as gadaladeniya temple.

After visit,

Lankatilaka Temple

Lankatilaka Temple built by king buwanekabahu iv 1344 A.D. during gampola kingdom time. the rock inscriptions found in the temple is cut in to the solid rock covering a large area, describing the facilities provided to the temple and land gifted by the king

After visit,

Embekke Devalaya,

Embekke devalaya build around 1370 A.D. This period is belong to gampola regime time the king wickramabahu 11 was ruling sri lanka, in the wood to see the finest wood carving work this devalaya is dedicated to the god kataragama specially is that there are use wood for everything, decoration includes flowers , swans , dancers , solders , and lot of mythical animals.

After visit,

Botanical Garden,

Royal botanical garden situated at peradeniya on the visit to kandy from colombo, it is learnt that this was built by a king and later developed by the British , which is around 147 acres in extent providing amazing varieties of tree, plants, and flowers, specially it include more then 300 varieties of orchids. spices medicinal plant and palm trees, attached to it is the national herbarium.

In the afternoon visit , temple of the sacred tooth relic, and culture show.


The temple of the sacred tooth relic OR dalada maligawa buddhist temple in the kandy.It is happy to state that the tooth relic temple is situated in the hill capital kandy , it was the last capital kingdom of sri lanka. and unesco world Heritage site declared by since 1988. partly due to the temple monks of the two chapters of malwattha, and Asgiriya, conduct daily worship in the inner chamber of the temple. retuals are performed three times daily, Once a week symbolic bathing of the sacred relic with an herbal preparation made from scented water and fragrant flowers, it is called " Nanumura mangallaya " this holy water is believed to contain healing power and distributed among those present. this is situated in the central high land, which overflows with traditional kandyan and low country dances with culture and history with a long heritage, as the kandy Esala perahera , the world famous.

After visit continue to hotel

Dinner and Overnight stay at kandy

Day - 3:

Gem Lapidary & miners / Spice garden / Dambulla cave's temple / Sigiriya

After breakfast ( 8.30 a.m.) proceed to sigiriya, en route visit Gem lapidary , spice garden , and cave's temple.

Gems of sri lanka,

Gem industry has a very long history, sri lanka was affectionately known as Rathna-deepa which mean gem island, specialy found as Best sapphires , Topazes , Amethys , and other gems. sri lanka geologically speaking in an extremely old country. 90% of the rock of the Island are of precambrian age. 560 million to 2400 million years ago. The gem form in sedimentary residual gem deposits , Eluvial deposits , metamorphic deposits , skarn and calcium- rich rocks. other gems are of magmatic origin.

After visit,

Spice garden

It is possible to visit spice gardens and taste the wide range of spices, and the way of growing and processing, one visits matale, as best place in sri lanka. spice are distinguished from herbs , which are part of leafy green plants also used flavors.

After visit,

Dambulla cave's Temple

Dambulla cave temple also know as the golden temple of dambulla is a world heritage site declared by since 1991. King walagamba return to the throne at Anuradahapura kingdom in the 1 st centure B.C. he had a magnificent rock temple built at dambulla, in gratitude to the monk in dambulla , it is the largest and best preserved temple a most impressive place of sri lanka, the rock 160 m over the surrounding plains , more than 85 caves in the surrounding area. major attractions are spread over 5 cave's.

After visit continue to sigiriya,

Dinner and Overnight stay at sigiriya

Day - 4:

Sigiriya Lion Rock / Polonnaruwa Ancient city / National park / Ayurveda

After breakfast ( 7.00 a.m. ) proceed to sigiriya ,

Sigiriya Rock

Sigiriya is a unique landscape city, created in the 5th century by king kashyapa embaracing a 200 meter rock crop and its surrounding with nature driven architecture composed of buildings, pathways, terraces, ponds, paintings and sculpture, there are more than 1000 hand written poems on the mirror wall written visitors to sigiriya from 7 th - 14 th century. the UNESCO declared this a world heritage site in 1982.

After visit,

Sight seen in 2 nd Ancient capital city ruins in polonnaruwa,


This area comprise of several famous monuments places of worship such as statue of king parakramabahu , council chamber , moonstone , statue of galvihara , shiva devala , watadage , rankoth vehera , and remains of several other temples , including former temple of tooth , this to has been declared since 1982 a world heritage site , built in the 11 th and 12 th centuries A.D.

After visit return to Habarana Minneriya National park OR Ayurvedic treatment ,

Minneriya National park

National park built by king mahasen in third century A.D. 1938 declared as a wild life sanctuary in minneriya, an elephant -lover's dream the grassland around the minneriya, lake are the rang for huge number of these magnificent beasts.


Which mean the science of life is the most ancient system of health care widely practiced in sri lanka , Ayurvedic wellness treatment involves establishing an individual's mind- body constitution and nature of imbalance initially and then seeking to return to a state of healthy balance. the treatment consists of the use of herbal remedies , special ayurvedic massage therapies , herbal and flower bath , sauna , panchakarma , and many other aspects. it mainly concentrate on the state of health based on vigour , energy and functions of life.

After continue to Hotel

Dinner and Overnight stay at sigiriya

Day - 5:

Dambulla / Airport

After breakfast ( 8.00 a.m. )

Transfer from sigiriya to airport for your departure flight ,,,

Please advise us of your departure flight details,